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that● winter bivouac in the hills be repeate▓d.The fingers and noses lost by frost▓bite! The raids! In his memory’s m●emory he could still hear the squeaking mun▓ching noise of the sentry’s fo▓otsteps all wint

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er in the snow.In this ter▓ritory the enemy wore fox-skins▓ on their heads in a ravenous peak and long h●ide tunics which covered their legs.They were s▓ilent, belonging uniquely as the vegetation▓ did to these sharp ra

16 Pages Included

vines ●and breath-stopping paths of● the great watershed.With a ●column on the march memory becom▓es an industry, manufacturing dreams which com▓mon ills unite in a community of idea▓s based on privation.He kne●w that

Custom Backgrounds

the quiet man there w●as thinking of the rose found in her bed on ●the day of the Games.Another could not f▓orget the man with the torn ear.The wry scholar▓ pressed into service felt as dulled by ba●ttle as a chamb

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